The Pre-Professional Program provides rigorous training for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 9-17. This program is an incomparable experience of strong technical training in a year long curriculum that includes community-building, leadership development, and the cultivation of dancers’ artistic voice.

Placement into the Pre-Professional track is by audition only on a rolling basis.

To schedule an audition or inquire about the program, please schedule a consultation with one of our Teaching Artists. 

Please complete both the Audition Form and the Photo/Video Submission. Dancers will be asked to demonstrate Tendu a la Seconde from both the front and side views, Grande Plie in 5th Position (front view), First Arabesque (best side, flat or en releve), and 90 seconds of choreography in their preferred, strongest style. 

Submissions will close December 18th, 2020

Ballet Dancer

"Before meeting the Teaching Artists of The Trybe in high school, I was your typical ballet bunhead and nothing more than that. They taught me that dance is so much more than ballet, and expanded my knowledge of dance while pushing me to not give up on myself while venturing into uncharted genres of dance. Without having them expanding my view of dance in high school, my abilities would not be where they are today. Through Danielle's choreography, I learned that dance can tell stories of social justice and incite change, and this inspired me to pursue interdiscplinary research in college. I am now on the path to get my BA in Dance, Political Science, and African & African-American Studies at the University of Rochester, and while I still enjoy a good ballet class, my love of dance has vastly expanded—thanks to The Trybe."

Catherine Ramsey

University of Rochester Dance Major


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