The Protégé

The Protégé Program is a one of a kind mentorship program designed to lead a dancer into their next journey as a professional fine artist.

It's far too often that we see dancers leave their home studio or dance program unprepared to take on the dance world. The Protégé Program pairs a dancer with a Teaching Artist who takes on the role as mentor and liaison, guiding the dancer and their parents through each step necessary to be considered a professional including headshot and resume preparation, audition preparation, social media and brand education. Accelerated private instruction will ensure that your dancer is receiving proper attention to their specific needs and career goals.

Dancers will still be required to participate in group Trybe classes and will also be required to work study. 

Audition, essay, and family interview are required for consideration.

Open to dancers ages 12-18. Exceptional dancers ages 9-11 may be considered.

What You Need To Know!

The Protégé Program is a comprehensive dance education program that provides a set syllabus of elite technical training, composition skills and industry education to selected participants. The Trybe’s high quality program and dynamic faculty guarantees to prepare students for the dance world. 


Students in the Protégé Program will…

  • Be provided with mentors that will meet with them weekly 1:1 to support continued success

  • Receive breakthrough & mindset coaching from a Certified Coach (ACC)

  • Develop skills in technique, artistry, creativity, discipline and confidence

  • Learn about the tools necessary to pursue higher education dance opportunities, careers as professionals in concert or commercial dance, or success in other fields 

  • Participate in interactive workshops designed to help them build their performing artist portfolio & personal brand

  • Gain experience in assisting and leading their own classes through work-study

  • Be presented with the opportunity to perform in concept choreography, as well as the opportunity to choreograph their own works

  • Showcases at the end of each 11 week trimester to enhance performace experience


The Trybe is dedicated to each members’ growth and holistic health, therefore the Protégé Program was intentionally designed as a rolling program that is sectioned into 11 week trimesters with breaks between each trimester. 


These breaks will allow flexibility for Trybe Protégés to spend time with their family and friends, rest & re-energize their mind & body, attend intensives or workshops to enhance their experience, exposure & growth, and to have the opportunity to integrate what they have been learning from the Trybe faculty into their everyday lives. 

Please complete both the Audition Form and the Photo/Video Submission. Dancers will be asked to demonstrate Tendu a la Seconde from both the front and side views, Grande Plie in 5th Position (front view), First Arabesque (best side, flat or en releve), and 90 seconds of choreography in their preferred, strongest style. 

Submissions will close December 18th, 2020

Ballet Dancer

"Before meeting the Teaching Artists of The Trybe in high school, I was your typical ballet bunhead and nothing more than that. They taught me that dance is so much more than ballet, and expanded my knowledge of dance while pushing me to not give up on myself while venturing into uncharted genres of dance. Without having them expanding my view of dance in high school, my abilities would not be where they are today. Through Danielle's choreography, I learned that dance can tell stories of social justice and incite change, and this inspired me to pursue interdiscplinary research in college. I am now on the path to get my BA in Dance, Political Science, and African & African-American Studies at the University of Rochester, and while I still enjoy a good ballet class, my love of dance has vastly expanded—thanks to The Trybe."

Catherine Ramsey

University of Rochester Dance Major


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